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A guide to the different types of USA bingo games and on how to play US bingo games for real money online in 2014.


play USA online bingo games in 2014 - types of U.S. bingo games

usa bingo games 2014Updated In February, 2018 - Online bingo games at US bingo sites in 2014 come in several different categories. The first is for non-depositing players and is called a bingo freeroll. These US bingo games have real money prize pools but are free to enter. Then there are the fixed limit real money bingo games. An example would be a bingo room that offers 10 bingo game cards for a fixed price, like $2.25. You are only allowed to buy 10 cards, no more and no less, so everyone is equal in this kind of game at a U.S. bingo site. The last kind of US bingo game are the rooms like the $.10/card room, $.25/card room, $.50/card room and $1/card bingo room. When you play these bingo games you can usually buy up to 36 bingo cards. This allows users to buy just a single bingo card if they want or to buy the maximum, which gives them an edge over people who only bought a few cards. The majority of games at USA bingo sites in 2014 are this last type but all of our top online bingo halls also offer 24/7 bingo freerolls and -2 fixed limit rooms. Some people prefer the fixed limit rooms because they have the same odds as everyone else. I like to buy the maximum number of cards - 36 - so if I am playing against 7 other people who each bought 5 cards that would basically mean that I have a 50/50 chance of winning each bingo game. Bingo players from the USA who do not like situations like that tend to play the fixed price games. Most people do not mind it when another bingo player has an advantage because they bought more cards. The reasoning is simple. Let's assume that the example above is at a $1/card bingo room. A player who spent $5 on 5 cards is essentially risking $5 to gain $66, with a 14.2% chance of winning. The player who bought the max number of cards if risking $36 to gain $35, with a little over a 50% chance of winning.

Neither player has an advantage over the other. You can either bet big to win small (relative) with a high probability or bet small to win big with low probability. I'm sure that you guys get it but I'll use one other example to drive my point home. Lets say you want to play Roulette at a USA friendly online casino and your goal is to win $100. You can either bet around $3 on a single number and have a 1 out of 36 chance of winning or you can bet $100 on red and have a little less than 50/50 chance of winning. Americans who want to play U.S. bingo games online for real money in 2014 can do so without risking a dime of their own. Our top online bingo sites for USA players in 2014 each offer a free $25 no deposit bingo bonus. You just have to use our link to visit the bingo site and sign up. You will instantly receive $25 in free US bingo money without making a deposit in 2014. You can use this free no-deposit bingo bonus money to start buying cards at the US bingo game you prefer and hopefully start winning money. The following sites offer the fastest bingo payout options in 2014.

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guide to playing USA online bingo games at US bingo sites in 2014

usa online bingo game 2014It is common knowledge that bingo is a game of chance, therefore there is no point in purchasing any guides that allegedly help you maximize the odds of winning. There is no secret recipe for beating the house and the very fact that online operators still offer bingo for real money is the best proof. Nevertheless, those who decide to play over the Internet on real cash, should check out these USA online bingo game tips that are bound to improve their gaming experience and maximize their chances to win. Many bingo fans prefer to choose their cards themselves, because this allows them to pick up those that have a wide spread of numbers. Even though this doesn't actually improve the odds of winning, if it makes you feel better, then it doesn't hurt to identify those online bingo rooms that offer this feature.

Superstitions will always be the most difficult ones to shake off, but prospective online bingo players would benefit a lot from knowing the US online bingo game they are playing. The upside of bingo is that the rules are easy to pick up and anyone can master the bingo game, with previous experience making no impact whatsoever. Over the Internet, players have more time to read the rules and can even pause the game if they choose to, to clarify certain issues. If you compete for a progressive jackpot, it makes perfect sense to choose those type of USA bingo game that are less crowded. You will be competing against fellow bingo players and the fewer opponents, the better the chances to emerge victorious. Speaking of bonus games, the online operators frequently present members with opportunities to increase their bankroll without actually taking more chances.

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Reload bonuses and various loyalty campaigns are the best and fastest way to gain access to more funds to fuel your online bingo adventure. Some of these promotions are not only profitable but also very exciting, providing the sort of diversion that players seek. Playing US bingo games for real money in 2014 is quite easy online, but one of the USA online bingo game tips that players should definitely follow is to aim for the middle of the price range. It is possible to play for as little as a few cents or double digit amounts, but the best return on investment results from playing average price bingo games.

The same goes for the number of bingo cards purchased, with beginners and regular players being advised not to purchase more than three cards. The reason for why the number of play cards should be limited to fewer than three is that this makes it much easier to keep track of what happens while enjoying the game. Even if the software automatically marks the called numbers, there is no point in pushing the game on autopilot and being reduced to a mere observer. By doing so, you will have more time to chat with your peers on the chat feature, but don't get carried away and focus at the task at hand, which is to win the game.